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Hands on experience gives us a leading edge

Although natural building is not based on new techniques, there is a need to apply old, tried and true methods to fit into our modern society and it’s expectations of how a building should perform as a whole working system.

To understand natural building materials it is crucial to get hands-on experience.

Our experience on site with working with natural building materials include full house builds, but also components of the building such as placing straw bales, earthen and lime plaster application (internal & external), installation of earthen floors.

Get the most from the tried and true methods teamed with today's latest technology

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Workshops & Lectures

Whether you are a homeowner builder or a seasoned builder, learn the art and science of straw bale design and construction..
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Straw bale homes

From conceptual design through to the construction process, we will guide you in creating the straw bale home you always wanted. View our portfolio...

Our Work

We love simple design solutions.  We find that they are beautiful when combined with the use of natural materials.
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