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In 2003, Sarah and Sven both attended a weekend strawbale workshop. This is where they first met.  This was the beginning of a love in many different ways. 

We are a husband and wife team. We have two beautiful children. We live in a straw bale home that we've built ourselves in Geraldine. Sarah is the designer, teacher, organizer, cook and mama. Sven, is the builder, jack-of-all-trades, teacher and father.  

Our intention is to live simply, be mindful, have fun and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us each day.

By combining our creative and practical backgrounds, Sol Design, Ltd. was created in 2005. We celebrate the connection of craft and beauty through a sense of place and through the materials we use. By understanding the patterns of people and the space they inhabit, design solutions that meet our clients goals are achieved. We act as guides in the design process. We honor the role we play with our work and our relationships with our clients. 

Designing, teaching and building natural homes is our way to create buildings that inspire and support their occupants.  

We love to teach others but just as important, we love to learn from others. 

And we must not forget that we do love to have fun!

Workshops & Lectures

Whether you are a homeowner builder or a seasoned builder, learn the art and science of straw bale design and construction..
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Straw bale homes

From conceptual design through to the construction process, we will guide you in creating the straw bale home you always wanted. View our portfolio...

Our Work

We love simple design solutions.  We find that they are beautiful when combined with the use of natural materials.
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